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the gourd games

A little friendly competition never hurt nobody! Enter to compete or take a seat to root for your bestie in the Gourd Games. Register for these free-to-play strong man-style games at the Gourd Games booth in the small parking lot to the West.  Games will occur on a rotating and continuous schedule giving you a chance to compete in your chosen game every hour.

pumpkin pie eating

Pumpkin pie eating has never been better! No hands, no utensils, ALL mess! Are you the fastest of them all? Come find out! 

Pumpkin squatting

Do you think you’re the strongest pumpkin squatter around? Do you want to impress all the ghouls and ghosts? Grab our heaviest pumpkins and lift your heart out at out the 2021 Pumpkin Squat!

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Musical chairs

This isn’t your typical musical chairs, we couldn’t make it that easy. This round of musical pumpkins takes your favorite childhood game to the next level. Walk around the pumpkins as the music plays and sit when it stops. The only person not upon their pumpkin thrown is OUT!

pumpkin tossing

We know what you’re thinking.. tossing a small pumpkin back and forth is easy. But not when your hands are covered in slippery goo. You and a partner will dip your hands in slippery goo, stand two feet apart and toss your pumpkin. With each catch, you’ll each take one step back. Last team left wins!

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obstacle course

Its time to train for the apocalypse with the ultimate pumpkin obstacle course! Crawl under the spider webs, flip the haybale, and stack your pumpkins faster than any other ghouls in town! 

pumpkin holding

Get ready for the great pumpkin holding! Hold your pumpkin straight out for as long as you can. We promise... it's harder than it looks. 

Holding a Pumpkin
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