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the experience

Themed experientials will catch you off gourd at every turn as you navigate a non-formulaic corn row maze, step through photo opps of anarchy, glimpse your fate in a corner of clairvoyant readers and stumble upon the gravity defying twists of striking themed performances.

the pumpking keg tapping & ceremony

This is one party you don’t want to be late for!  The fest kicks up a notch with the ultimate keg tapping!  Follow the processional disruption to the rivers of beer flowing straight from the Orange Beast, of an over 1000lb giant pumpkin keg, and into your commemorative cup.

the passageway

GPBF isn't a regular festival.  It's the kind of festival that transports you from a life of structure and routine to a world where excitement abounds in the unknown.  You'll know you've arrived once you navigate the non-formulaic twists and turns of the corn stalk maze, the orange haze parts and you find you've stumbled into a place where nothing makes sense and everything makes sense at the exact same time.

the steampunkin

In this world undefined by logic, SteamPunkin presides as a meld of steampunk and all things pumpkin.  Our 2021 theme will get you grinding your gears as you try to make sense of the twists, turns and surprises as you taste your way through the Ale Apothecary, throw it back at Jack-O's Tavern and sip it down at the Gourd Bar.

the gourd games

A little friendly competition never hurt nobody! Enter to compete or take a seat on the bleachers to root for your bestie in the Gourd Games. These strong man-style games include; Pumpkin Tossing, Pumpkin Obstacle Course, The Pumpkin Squat, Pumpkin Pie Eating & more.

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the costume contest

First, come to the fest dressed up. Once you arrive, it’s a swirly mixed of getting plucked from the crowd because your costume is so amazing and you’ll be asked to come onstage with a handful of other pumpkin contest participants. If you’ve made it to the stage THEN you must win the favor of an insane panel of judges, who are predictably unpredictable, as always. Believe us, people go all out in this contest, so if you’re in it to win it, bring it.


Absolute glory and you’ll be crowned the undeniable 2022 reigning pumpkin royalty. If this isn’t enough, there’s sick prize packs. Don’t forget we don’t just crown 1st place but award 2nd and 3rd place too. 

the coins

Watch wear you step...keep your eyes peeled as you play...check your pockets in case some slipped you the goods....

Coins can be found scattered through the venue and lead you to freebie swag.

the fortune teller

Let the future be known!  Glimpse your fate in a corner of clairvoyant readers.

the photos

Let me tell's gonna be good for your feed, for your stories, for your gallery wall...

3-D photo walls and perfectly pose-able backdrops abound.

the creepy

It is Halloween weekend so expect to find some Steampunkin spook!  We don't want to give it all a way but expect surprises overhead, down below and all-around.

the vibe

We'll be tappin' gourd times!  So whether you come for the pumpkin brews and food, the axe throwing, the tattoos, the skull face painting or just to kick it with your friends over a game of corn hole, GPBF is the place to be.


This isn’t GPBF if there weren’t wicked tracks to go alongside the festivities. We have high energy DJs and cover bands playing your favorite jams from across genres such as 90s/00s throwbacks and playful ska and funk tracks throughout the day.

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